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Professional Solutions for
Shoulder, Neck and Upper Back Pain.

Active Shoulder Clinics is run by Cameron Bennett, a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist specializing in all shoulder, neck and upper back problems. Consultations are available at two Clinics in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Clinic details >

Cameron offers these Clinics to provide the public and various health professions with a range of refined treatment options and accelerated rehabilitation under the name ACTIVE SHOULDER CLINICS. Cameron completed Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Australia while developing a sole practice in shoulder and related spinal disorders. He has spent considerable time refining his treatment methods and working with a variety of health and medical professionals in the field. An accurate diagnosis, clinical expertise and specific treatment strategies are offered for your problem. Emphasis on ‘hands-on’ therapy and select exercise methods ensure the best long term recovery possible.

Cameron’s professional profile and qualifications >

Patients do not require a referral to attend, however many patients are referred by general physicians and specialists in surgery, rheumatology, sports medicine, radiology, neurology and physical medicine specialties.

Cameron also offers a professional education series through a range of lectures and workshops for physicians and physiotherapists. A range of clinical topics are available for general physicians and various specialists covering examination, treatment and management. A more comprehensive workshop series is offered to physiotherapists and other clinicians interested in advancing their knowledge and management of shoulder disorders within BC and Canada.

Cameron is also available on a limited basis for several consultancies:

  • Strength and Conditioning Programs – individual and team
  • Legal Expertise – clinical assessment of Upper Quadrant  injuries, rehabilitation methods and prognosis
  • Research Collaboration with private and academic partners
  • Lecturing and Speaking engagements
  • Ergonomic assessments for your workplace