Patient Information


Please arrive for your first appointment approximately 10 minutes early to allow for administration. There is a short questionnaire to fill out prior to most treatments.


Please wear appropriate clothing for your appointment. Tank tops with narrow straps are best for females. It is usually best to bring a change of clothes (shorts or pants, t-shirt or athletic wear) for your physiotherapy session.

Appointment times

Appointments are usually between 30 minutes to an hour depending on your rehabilitation needs and your time availability. Please avoid booking back to back appointments with physiotherapy as some extra time may be required in the Clinic.


Physiotherapy is a privately billed service, however many health plans will offer substantial rebates for physiotherapy. Premium Assistance through MSP, open ICBC claims and open WCB claims will usually incur a partial fee. List of current fees >

Appointments are available for a wide variety of conditions, treatments and programs:

  • Diagnosis of shoulder, neck or upper back (collectively the upper quadrant) pain.
  • Treatment of shoulder, neck or upper back pain.
  • Treatment of stiffness, weakness and instability for various shoulder conditions.
  • Management of chronic shoulder pain.
  • Secondary opinion for your shoulder problem.
  • Treatment for cervicogenic headaches.
  • Ergonomic, postural and biomechanics advice for the upper body.
  • Workstation setup and advice.
  • Return to work and sport advice.
  • Upper body weight training advice and design.
  • Pre-surgical and post-surgical rehabilitation.
  • Recommendations for physiotherapy, medical and surgical treatments.
  • Discussion of radiology findings and treatment choices.
  • Detailed rehabilitation programs for correcting long term or recurrent problems.
  • Detailed advice for acute injuries including management of dislocations and separations.
  • Assessment of muscle balance and advice on injury avoidance.
  • Recovery from whiplash post accident.

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