Cameron Bennett


  • Bachelor of Science (Pharmacology, Anatomy, Physiology) BSc.
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy BPhty
  • Master of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy MPhty
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist CSCS

Cameron graduated from the University of Melbourne, Australia with a Bachelor degree in Science followed immediately by a Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy. He returned to the University of Melbourne several years later to obtain his Master of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. A Master of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy is focussed on improving a physiotherapist’s ability to manage complex disorders, question current methods of treatment and explore methods of injury, body mechanics and rehabilitation styles.

Cameron has worked in many capacities as a physiotherapist including team physiotherapist for various sports, private and public hospital work, pre-post spinal surgery, multidisciplinary sports clinics, multidisciplinary spinal clinics and undergraduate university teaching.

Cameron has provided specialty rehabilitation for shoulder, neck and upper back problems since beginning his Master’s degree. Significant time was spent examining specialist work and many aspects of shoulder movement and shoulder disorders. Approximately 95% of Cameron’s clinical work is treating shoulder problems. He treats a wide range of problems in all age groups and activity levels. In addition to his clinical work, Cameron offers a range of lectures and workshops to both physicians and physiotherapists.

A large portion of his clinical work is through direct referrals from General Physicians and various Specialists in fields including interventional radiology, sports medicine, neurology, rheumatology and orthopedic surgery. Cameron also offers limited practice time for legal, sports and ergonomic consulting.