Physician Workshops

Cameron offers a range of workshops that are updated on a yearly basis. Sample topics are listed below and new topics can be requested. If you are interested in a topic or have special requests please (Email is hidden; JavaScript is required)

Please use the general contact form if you would like to be informed of upcoming lectures or workshops.

Lunch & Learn presentations are available at limited times.
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Workshops are both onsite and offsite depending on the request. Workshops are interactive with the opportunity to practise examination techniques and participate in case studies, rehabilitation demonstrations and manual therapy techniques. Single topic workshops are typically between 30 – 90 minutes in duration depending on the topic.

Sample Offsite Locations

  • West Vancouver Sports & Orthopedic Clinic
  • Lion’s Gate Hospital
  • St. Paul’s Hospital


  1. Clinical assessment of the shoulder complex
  2. Clinical assessment of the cervical spine
  3. Management of the stiff and painful shoulder
  4. Management of shoulder instabilities
  5. Assessment and management of cuff pathology
  6. Management of chronic shoulder pain
  7. High performance conditioning of the shoulder