ASC Advanced Shoulder Course III

This two day advanced course examines more complicated and chronic conditions of the shoulder. Methods for evaluating and treating cervical and thoracic pain components, managing labral pathology and capsular restrictions will be addressed. Greater use of diagnostic tests, combined special tests and addition of neurodynamic testing are practised in the course. Accelerated exercise programs and high performance exercise selection including managing the competitive athlete under short time frames for tendinopathy and labral disorders.

The Advanced Level III course includes a detailed course manual and certificate of completion.

Key objectives and learning outcomes:

  1. Learn key methods for evaluating and implicating cervical and thoracic components in shoulder pain.
  2. Improve your clinical diagnostic skills with further understanding of special tests, comparison to gold standards and using combined special tests.
  3. Appreciate the use of stretch combinations for adhesive capsulitis, along with severity gradings and using multidisciplinary treatment methods.
  4. Review current assessment and treatment options for shoulder disorders with neurodynamic components.
  5. Learn strategies for exercise programming and manual therapy for treating chronic and complex shoulder pain.
  6. Explore treatment techniques for accelerated rehabilitation of tendinopathy and labral disorders in the competitive athlete.
  7. Understand the various exercise options for high performance conditioning and injury prevention.

Lectures, demonstration and practical components covering:

  • Treating shoulder stiffness – contractures / capsulitis and arthritic complaints.
  • Treating the complex shoulder problem – cuff injury and stiffness, multiple cuff tears, chronic shoulder and neck pain.
  • Cervical spine exercise progressions.
  • Thoracic spine mobilising and exercise progressions.
  • When to use upper limb tension tests and treatment strategies.
  • Accelerated recovery of tendinopathies and managing labral tears.
  • Sport specific shoulder pathology and techniques for prevention.



  • Completion of level I and II courses.

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