ASC Masterclass Shoulder Course IV

The two day Masterclass in shoulder disorders is a unique opportunity for any clinician to refine their knowledge with a round table presentation and discussion with other health specialties. The course will cover additional complex and uncommon conditions of the shoulder including thoracic outlet syndromes and neurovascular disorders of the shoulder. Further streamlining of rehabilitation strategies will be addressed along with offering practice expertise within your clinic and non-clinical specialty work.

The Masterclass course includes a detailed manual including summaries of round table discussions, comprehensive exercise protocols and certificate of completion.

Key objectives and learning outcomes:

  1. Appreciate the role of specialisation in physiotherapy and its application within the clinical and business settings.
  2. Understand the key anatomy, assessment and treatment progressions for various thoracic outlet disorders.
  3. Learn the key neurological and vascular disorders of the shoulder and methods for differentiation.
  4. Examine through case studies and clinical experience rehabilitation of chronic shoulder problems and refining exercise protocols.
  5. Planning and monitoring long term exercise for chronic shoulder pain recovery.
  6. Learn a variety of multidisciplinary methods for assessing and treating shoulder pathology of local and systemic origins.

Lectures, demonstration and practical components covering:

  • Specialisation in Physiotherapy – advancing the profession and your practice.
  • Assessment and treatment for thoracic outlet syndrome.
  • Understanding neurovascular disorders affecting the shoulder.
  • Integrating cervical, thoracic, scapula and shoulder exercise programming.
  • Planning long term exercise management for the recovery of chronic shoulder pain.
  • Presentations in a variety of specialist fields related to shoulder rehabilitation.



  • Completion of Levels I, II and III.

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