Physiotherapy Workshop Series I – IV

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Cameron Bennett will be lead instructor for the Physiotherapy Workshop Series. With many years of clinical work, researching and refining his knowledge in shoulder disorders he can offer insightful and practical advice on treating the problematic shoulder. Cameron has combined the experience of many shoulder experts in the fields of physiotherapy, sports medicine, neurology, radiology and orthopedic surgery for these courses.

The workshops offer clinicians a structured approach to building their diagnostic knowledge along with a comprehensive set of treatment skills. They are intended to be very practical and advance the knowledge of all clinicians – from new graduates to senior post graduate clinicians. Differential diagnosis, examination skills and effective treatment methods are taught for each shoulder disorder. Current teachings in clinical anatomy, biomechanics and pathology will be reviewed for each problem. Key rehabilitation methods will be taught through lectures, demonstration and case studies. We will also examine several rehabilitation plans and post surgical protocols during the workshops.


Each course is designed to offer a comprehensive review of particular disorders by building stronger diagnostic skills, increasing your treatment choices and improving patient management skills. Levels I – II cover a wide range of glenohumeral and shoulder girdle disorders at advanced levels. Level III involves better problem solving in the examination and treatment phases, accelerated rehabilitation programs and treating chronic shoulder problems. Level IV involves treatment of complex shoulder problems including neurovascular disorders, streamlining your treatment plans and offering expert treatment in your practice.

ASC Orthopedic Shoulder Course I

Level I course is for physiotherapists with general experience in treating shoulder disorders. This is a very practical course for refining your examination skills, selecting suitable treatments for early improvement and avoiding common mistakes. This course will update you on key physiotherapy topics for shoulder disorders with a focus on soft tissue disorders of the glenohumeral joint.
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ASC Orthopedic Shoulder Course II

Level II course is a continuation of Level I with further depth on more complex rotator cuff disorders including calcific tendinopathy. An interesting mix of problems will include managing rotator cuff injuries, scapula dyskinesias and shoulder arthroplasty. We will also discuss the use of injection therapy and when to include such medical options in your rehabilitation.
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ASC Advanced Shoulder Course III

Level III course is offered to those clinicians interested in advancing their knowledge in several key areas. Improve your diagnostic skills by using combined special tests together with greater knowledge of imaging choices and results. Accelerated rehabilitation programs and high performance conditioning protocols are examined and refined. Exercise and manual therapy progressions will be discussed and taught for chronic shoulder pain problems.
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ASC Masterclass Shoulder Course IV

Level IV course is offered as a masterclass with demonstrations, new rehabilitation techniques and emerging information on shoulder pathology. The course will involve integrating information from interventional radiologists, neurologists, rheumatologists, sports medicine, pain medicine, research and surgical fields. A review of key orthopedic problems with case studies, research and rehabilitation techniques. Neurovascular disorders of the shoulder will also be covered in this course. For those physiotherapists wishing to offer a specialty practice in shoulder disorders this course is a must for developing an understanding of the physiotherapists expanding role in patient management and rehabilitation.
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